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What can I do for you?

A Professional Degree in Interior Design at UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles, provides me with the necessary passion, skills and competence to design, plan and furnish your private or business space and home.

If it comes to concept planning, creating furniture and space plans or decoration and color concepts, it is my concern to consider the wishes and requirements of my customers and to respond to them.


Needs Analysis and

Schematic Design

According to your requirements and your project, my consul-tancy service will range from concept creation, material and product selection, project supervision, and cooperation with contractors.

My Services will be adapted to my customer's wishes and needs.


Design Concept Service

You are looking for change in your life and your home without remodeling? 

Often, not much is needed. The solution might be closer than you think. Color and material concepts, including wall color, wall decoration and deco items will give your home the wanted new sparkle.

I also create material and color concepts for remodeling as well as newly built spaces.


Space Planning

The foundation for any ideal 

furniture plan are space 

planning and demand analysis. 

An optimal furniture plan according to your requirements and needs will be the basis for your well-being inside your home.

I will create space plans for newly constructed spaces, remodel, renovation or merely redecoration.

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Relocation Support

Whether you are moving into town for good or only a temporary period of time, it is hard, almost impossible to organise the move, furnishing, installations and renovations from afar. 

Not having everything pre-pared and moving into a con-struction site is very stressful for the whole family.

I can help with this, and i am on site!

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Product and Material 

Selection and Acquisition

I offer selection and purchasing support to my customers (furniture, lighting, materials, etc). 

Also, I can help with the selection of contractors and offer guidance through respective product and service selection.

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Cooperation Support

It can be difficult to coordinate all trades so all of them can do their work as efficiently as possible.

I will coordinate and supervise all contractor and delivery 

services as well as regarding 




If working on my own projects or with renowned Los Angeles based designers in the past, the greatest pleasure has always been and still is the finished product and satisfied customers.



"Your home shapes you. Make sure you shape it back."

- Queen Latifah

Be inspired ... find your passion and creativity ...



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